Privacy AND DATA Policy

Personal Information Collection Statement for Clients

1 It is often necessary for individual clients or (where clients are businesses, incorporated or otherwise) their individual representatives (including without limitation directors, other officers, employees and staff members of client businesses) (in this statement these individual representatives will, for the sake of brevity, also be referred to generally as “clients” and, in paragraph 4.7(b) below, as "Representatives") to supply Tim Sommers Law Firm P.C. (“The Firm”) with data about themselves in connection with The Firm’s provision of legal advice and services to those clients.  These data may include copies, and other details, of identity documents, proof of address, other contact details, and proof of authority to instruct The Firm.


2 Failure to supply such data may result in The Firm being unable to provide clients with the legal services, or generally to give clients the legal advice, requested.


3 It is also the case that The Firm collects data from clients in the ordinary course of the attorney-client relationship on an ongoing basis.


4 The purposes for which personal data relating to a client may be used are as follows:


  Obligatory purposes - if a client does not want The Firm to use his personal data for any of the purposes listed in paragraphs 4.1 to 4.6 below (inclusive), The Firm will not be able to provide the legal services, or give the legal advice, requested


  all kinds of personal data about a client will be used for -


  4.1 the provision of legal advice and services to the client in accordance with the instructions of the client and as The Firm may otherwise deem appropriate or necessary;


  4.2 designing legal services or related products for clients’ use;


  4.3 collection of outstanding fees from clients;


  4.4 meeting the requirements to conduct client identification and verification and to make disclosure under the requirements of any law, guideline, code of practice or practice direction binding on, or applicable to, The Firm or any of its branches or associated firms or offices including, but not limited to, any such law, guideline, code or practice direction relating to anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism;


  4.5 purposes specifically provided for in any particular service offered by The Firm;


  4.6 purposes directly related to any of the above;


  the client's name and contact details (including but not limited to office address, telephone number and email address) provided by the client to The Firm will be used for -


  4.7 marketing The Firm' own legal services and/or related products.


  If a client does not want The Firm to use his personal data for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 4.7 above, he may write to or email the officer named at the end of this statement, indicating his decision and/or return a copy of this statement to that officer.


  IMPORTANT NOTES about The Firm marketing:


  All marketing in relation to The Firm legal services and related products to Representatives is sent to them in their official capacity as representatives of the client business for whom they work or represent and not in their individual capacity.


5 Data held by The Firm relating to a client will generally be kept confidential but The Firm may provide such information for the above purposes to:


  5.1 any other branch or associated firm or office of The Firm;


  5.2 any other legal practitioner, accountant, or other financial or professional adviser representing the client in connection with those legal services and advice being provided to the client by The Firm;


  5.3 to the extent The Firm, in its absolute discretion, considers prudent, other legal practitioners and other professionals representing other persons involved in matters or dealings in respect of which the client has requested The Firm’ legal services and advice;


  5.4 any financial institution, business or professional firm with which the client has or proposes to have dealings related to the legal services or advice being provided to the client by The Firm;


  5.5 any actual or proposed assignee of The Firm or transferee of The Firm’ rights in respect of the client or any firm of attorneys or other law firm which takes over, or is negotiating the take over of, the business of The Firm or into which The Firm is merged;


  5.6 if a client is ever in default of payment of legal fees to The Firm or otherwise, debt collection agencies;


  5.7 to third party service providers which provide administrative, technology, marketing or other services to The Firm in relation to its business operations.


  The Firm will not transfer data relating to a client to a third person for that person's marketing activities.